antibiotic susceptibility of group a streptococcus isolated from throat swab culture of school children in pokhara, a streptococcus (gas) or streptococcus pyogenes is estimated to be present in 5.0-15.0% of norma individual in the respiratory tract, vagina, skin and anus without any sign of disease. this study was carried out to find out the rate of asymptomatic throat carriage of s. pyogenes and antibiotic susceptibility of the isolates in school children of pokhara, western nepal. a total of 487 randomly selected children younger than 16 years were included in the study. throat swabs collected were su ...200920635601
eradication of virulent footrot from sheep and goats in an endemic area of nepal and an evaluation of specific vaccination.programmes based on the identification and treatment of cases and the culling of animals refractory to treatment had failed to eradicate virulent footrot from two districts in the western region of nepal. from 1993 to 1996 vaccination against two endemic virulent strains of dichelobacter nodosus was tested for its potential to contribute to the eradication of footrot from the region. only sheep and goats which had been free of signs of footrot at three inspections at monthly intervals before the ...200212243270
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