serologic prevalence of q fever in the state of punjab, india. 19734689033
arteriosclerosis with metastatic calcification in corriedale sheep in punjab. 19744828571
prevalence of bluetongue virus precipitating antibodies in sheep and goats of punjab, india. 19816275636
an outbreak of bacillary haemoglobinuria in sheep in outbreak of bacillary haemoglobinuria was recorded in 60 out of 110 sheep in ludhiana, punjab, india. the condition was clinically characterised by fever, haemoglobinuria, constipation, weakness of hind quarters followed by recumbency, respiratory distress and death in 16 sheep. haematological studies revealed moderate to severe degrees of anaemia associated with leucocytosis. plasma gamma-glutamyl transferase, alkaline phosphatase and creatinine phosphokinase activities were significantly hi ...19957770949
brucella strains isolated from human and animal sources at karnal and bhiwani punjab. 196314065205
hydatid disease in amritsar: a study of potential human risk. 196314094126
sero-prevalence of bovine johne's disease in buffaloes and cattle population of north india using indigenous elisa kit based on native mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis 'bison type' genotype of goat origin.present pilot study is the first attempt in the country to estimate sero-prevalence of bovine johne's disease (bjd) by screening cattle and buffaloes representing large population belonging to farmer's and farm herds in the home tracts (uttar pradesh (up) and punjab) of hariana cattle and murrah buffaloes in north india. indigenous and in-house plate elisa kit (using protoplasmic antigen from native mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis 'bison type' strain of goat origin), originally devel ...200817854892
serological survey of antibodies to toxoplasma gondii in sheep, cattle, and buffaloes in punjab, india.sera from 186 sheep, 83 cattle, and 103 water buffaloes from punjab, india, were evaluated for antibodies to toxoplasma gondii using a commercial elisa kit. this study was planned using a 2-stage random sampling procedure and sampling software 'survey toolbox.' in the first step, villages were selected randomly from a sampling frame of all the villages of punjab, followed by selection of owners and animals in the second step. antibodies to t. gondii were found in 7 of 186 sheep, 2 of 83 cattle, ...200818576848
molecular epidemiology of mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis: is900 pcr identification and is1311 polymorphism analysis from ruminants in the punjab region of india.johne's disease is chronic granulomatous infectious enteritis of animals caused by mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis. a total of 153 animals from 19 dairy farms, 2 gaushalas (unproductive-animal rehabilitation centers), 2 goat and 2 sheep farms from different districts of the punjab region were selected on the basis of clinical signs of disease. all samples from cattle (n=86), buffalo (n=34), goat (n=25) and sheep (n=26) were subjected to ziehl-neelsen staining and dna extraction b ...201021071087
Developing a sustainable phytomanagement strategy for excessive selenium in western United States and India.Phytomanagement technology is recognized as an inexpensive and environmental friendly strategy for managing natural-occurring selenium (Se) in soils and in poor quality waters. Multi-year field and greenhouse studies were conducted with different plant species in California, USA and Punjab, India under high Se growing conditions. Some of the plant species included; canola (Brassica napus), mustard (B. juncea), broccoli (B. oleracea), spearmint (Mentha viridis), sugarcane (Saccharum officcinarum) ...201122046761
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