studies on the cephalochordates of the madras coast. 16. a theory of structural stabilization. 19744280227
studies on the mosquitoes of north arcot district, madras state, india. 4. host preferences as shown by precipitin tests. 19714399112
epidemiology of a sheep disease in the livestock experimental station, kattupakkam of the madras veterinary college. 19715105287
studies on reproduction in indian breeds of sheep--bannur and nilgiri breeds. 19665948559
recent epidemiology of peste des petits ruminants virus (pprv).peste des petits ruminants (ppr) is an economically important viral disease of goats and sheep first described in west africa in the 1940s. the virus has been circulating in parts of sub-saharan africa for several decades and in the middle east and southern asia since 1993, although the first description of the virus in india dates to 1987. to study the genetic relationship between isolates of distinct geographical origin, a selected region of the fusion (f) protein gene of the viruses was ampli ...200212135634
seasonal activity of ticks on small ruminants in tamil nadu state, india.the seasonal activity of ticks on sheep and goat populations was examined from december 2000 to november 2001 in the state of tamil nadu, india. this longitudinal study spread over four seasons and seven agroclimatic zones took into consideration the spectrum of species involved, the levels of infestations, the seasonal epidemiology of ticks and the associated management practices. the most common species of tick spread throughout the state was haemaphysalis bispinosa followed by rhipicephalus h ...200414998311
sheep pox disease outbreaks in madras red and mechery breeds of indigenous sheep in tamilnadu, india.sheep pox disease outbreaks were recorded among madras red (n=145) and mechery (n=80) breeds of indigenous sheep on three farms in tamilnadu. over both breeds, adult mortality rate ranged from 2.66% to 37.5% and lamb mortality ranged from 10% to 17.33%. however, mortality was more in mechery sheep (50% overall; 37.5% adults, 12.5% lambs) than in madras red sheep (24.28% overall; 10.34% adults, 13.79% lambs). the clinical signs observed were high fever, anorexia, respiratory distress, mucopurulen ...200818586288
immunomodulatory, analgesic and antipyretic effects of violacein isolated from chromobacterium violaceum.violacein was isolated from chromobacterium violaceum, a soil gram negative bacterium collected from the forest water body soil sample of kolli hills; tamil nadu, india. in the present study the immunomodulatory, analgesic and antipyretic activities of violacein were investigated in wistar rats and mice. analgesic effect was evaluated by acetic acid- induced writhing, formalin induced paw licking and hotplate tests. immunomodulatory effect was investigated by using ovalbumin- induced active paw ...201019576742
local knowledge and conservation of seagrasses in the tamil nadu state of india.abstract: local knowledge systems of seagrasses are not considered in the conservation of these fragile marine ecosystems. in fact, little is known about the utility of seagrasses in local coastal communities. this is intriguing given that some local communities rely on seagrasses to sustain their lifestyles and have relocated their villages to areas with a rich diversity and abundance of seagrasses. the purpose of this study is to assist in conservation efforts regarding seagrasses through iden ...201122112297
association of heat stress protein 90 and 70 gene polymorphism with adaptability traits in indian sheep (ovis aries).heat stress proteins assist cellular proteins in the acquisition of native structure. the present research was conducted to study how thermo-tolerance is modulated by hsp90 and hsp70 gene polymorphism and its association with hemato-physio-biochemical parameters, supported by their expression profiles in chokla, magra, marwari, and madras red sheep breeds. least square analysis revealed significant effect (p < 0.05) of season and breed on all the physiological parameters, i.e., temperature, resp ...201728265807
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