comparison of serological tests for brucella melitensis infection in sheep.a comparative study of the standard tube agglutination test (sat), rose bengal plate agglutination test and counter immuno-electrophoresis (ciep) was made on 647 sera from naturally aborting ewes, orchitic, in-contact and apparently healthy sheep with no history of vaccination against brucellosis. no individual test could detect all the 13 known positive reactors (the foetuses of which yielded brucella melitensis) but by combination of two tests all 13 were positive. the sat detected more reacto ...19912038764
o-antigenic lipopolysaccharide of vibrio cholerae o139 bengal, a new epidemic strain for recent cholera in the indian subcontinent.lipopolysaccharide (lps) from vibrio cholerae o139 bengal contained colitose (3,6-dideoxy-l-galactose) in addition to glucose, l-glycero-d-manno-heptose, fructose, glucosamine and quinovosamine in its polysaccharide and only glucosamine in lipid a, while perosamine, a characteristic component sugar of v. cholerae o1 lps, was absent. 3-hydroxydodecanoic, tetradecanoic and hexadecanoic acids as ester-bound fatty acids and 3-hydroxytetradecanoic acid as amide-bound fatty acid were identified in the ...19937504475
sarcoptes scabiei in animals spreading to outbreak of sarcoptes scabiei in animals was observed from mid-november 1991 to mid-december 1991 in two adjacent villages, fewgram and nurpur, in birbhum district, west bengal state, india, starting from goats to cattle, then to sheep and even to dogs. nineteen goats and one cattle died of manage infection. the infection spread to man in the last week of december 1991, and affected forty-two human beings, tending and rearing animals. the animals treated with deltamenthrin (synthetic pyrethro ...19938362460
immunochemical aspects of lipopolysaccharide of vibrio cholerae o139 bengal, a new epidemic strain for recent, fast-spreading cholera in the indian subcontinent. 19958524922
transmission of sarcoptes scabiei from animal to man and its control.outbreak of sarcoptes scabiei in animals spilling over to man in close association was observed in two adjacent villages, fewgram and nurpur in the district of birbhum, west bengal, from mid-november to mid-december, 1991. nineteen goats and one calf who did not receive any treatment died of sarcoptic manage. all infected animals got cured with external application of deltamethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid and triazapentadiene. human cases were treated successfully with benzene hexachloride (2%).19958699041
dna tests in prolific sheep from eight countries provide new evidence on origin of the booroola (fecb) mutation.recent discoveries that high prolificacy in sheep carrying the booroola gene (fecb) is the result of a mutation in the bmpib receptor and high prolificacy in inverdale sheep (fecx(i)) is the result of a mutation in the bmp15 oocyte-derived growth factor gene have allowed direct marker tests to be developed for fecb and fecx(i). these tests were carried out in seven strains of sheep (javanese, thoka, woodlands, olkuska, lacaune, belclare, and cambridge) in which inheritance patterns have suggeste ...200212021074
sperm motion characteristics of garole rams raised for a prolonged period in a semi-arid tropical environment.the garole is a prolific but less well known and rare breed of small sheep found in the hot and humid sunderban region of west bengal. an ability to breed throughout the year and to graze in knee-deep water, resistance to foot rot and a strong mothering instinct are some of the special features of this breed. garole rams could provide germplasm to incorporate prolificacy traits by artificial insemination of the nonprolific sheep breeds found in abundance in the semi-arid and arid tropical climat ...200312797414
isolation of bluetongue virus serotypes 15 and 21 in west bengal, india. 200920023280
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