serological and clinical surveillance studies to validate reported foot-and-mouth disease free status in tsirang district of bhutan.serological and clinical studies were conducted between march 2009 and august 2010 to validate the foot-and-mouth disease free status of tsirang district of bhutan as determined by the country's passive surveillance system. randomised (first survey) and targeted (third survey) samplings, with subsequent follow-up samplings (second and fourth), were conducted on fmd-susceptible animals to detect the disease at a design prevalence of 25% and 20% at the individual animal-level and village-level, re ...201122172605
sheep genetic diversity in bhutan using microsatellite markers.genotype data from eight microsatellite markers were used to assess genetic diversity and relationships among five indigenous bhutanese sheep populations, sakten, jakar, sarpang, sipsu and tsirang. estimates of mean observed and expected heterozygosities, mean number of alleles per locus/population were obtained. the highest observed heterozygosities were found in jakar (0.657) and sakten (0.647), while the lowest one was found in tsirang (0.539). genetic distances, pairwise proportion of differ ...201020438493
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