a field outbreak of suspected stachybotryotoxicosis in outbreak of mortality in a flock of mutton merino sheep in which 109 out of 568 sheep died in the south-western cape province, is described. it was characterized by haemorrhagic septicaemia, anaemia, leucocytopaenia and haemorrhagic tendencies. mortalities followed unseasonal and heavy summer rain, extended over a period of 6 months and were associated with the uninterrupted consumption of sheep cubes processed on the farm severly fungus-infested wheat, barley and rye straw for a period of at ...1979575906
the effects of sex and age on serum ige concentrations in three ethnic groups.serum ige concentrations were measured using a radio-radial immunodiffusion method in 4,440 blood donors resident in the western cape province, south africa, and the following differences were observed. firstly, in all three ethnic groups studied, that is the whites, the cape coloureds and the africans, there was a tendency for males to have higher serum ige concentrations than females. this differences was highly significantly in whites. secondly, in the whites, serum ige concentrations tended ...1975806538
cobalt deficiency in pastured sheep in the south-western cape province.annually recurrent illthrift and mortalities in a small flock of pastured sheep at the regional veterinary laboratory, stellenbosch were cured by the supplementation of cobalt. the similarities between acute cobalt deficiency and ovine white liver disease are discussed.19911941894
an outbreak of suspected phalaris staggers in sheep in the western cape outbreak of suspected phalaris staggers in south africa is described. approximately 40 out of 600 sheep that had been grazing for 3 weeks on a wheat stubble land heavily infested with phalaris grass, were affected. clinical signs included nervous tremors, ataxia and convulsions. new cases occurred even after removal from the affected pasture. the most prominent microscopic lesion seen in the 2 sheep autopsied, was an accumulation of intracytoplasmic brown pigment in the neurons of the brain.19902269989
two new species of ticks from southern africa whose adults parasitize the feet of ungulates: rhipicephalus lounsburyi n. sp. and rhipicephalus neumanni n. sp. (ixodoidea, ixodidae).theiler & robinson (1953) described, as rhipicephalus follis dönitz, 1910, a tick species originating from dordrecht, eastern cape province. a comparison of this tick with the syntypes of r. follis has now shown, though, that these 2 entities are different and it is therefore redescribed below as rhipicephalus lounsburyi n. sp. its adults parasitize sheep and various wild ungulates, attaching primarily on their feet. the hosts of the immature stages are still unknown. it has now been recorded fr ...19902338999
the problem of escalating resistance of haemonchus contortus to the modern anthelmintics in south africa.during the past decade in south africa there has been a continual increase in sheep of strains of gastrointestinal helminths resistant to the modern anthelmintics. five strains of haemonchus contortus are described in this paper. despite the fact that 2 of the 5 strains were tested for susceptibility only to ivermectin, a total of 10 instances of resistance were found. four of the 5 strains were resistant to ivermectin, 2 to closantel, 2 to rafoxanide and 2 to the benzimidazoles. one of these st ...19892726192
nematodirus abnormalis (may, 1920) in sheep in the south-western part of the cape province.nematodirus abnormalis is a common nematode parasite of sheep on several farms in the caledon district of the south-western cape and is the major species of nematodirus on a farm in the riviersonderend mountains of this region, yet it has never before been recorded from domestic animals in south africa.19892748135
the presence of the trichostrongylid teladorsagia davtiani in sheep in the south-western cape.teladorsagia davtiani in sheep in the south-western cape, is recorded in the republic of south africa for the first time. the literature dealing with this helminth is briefly reviewed.19883194121
some avian and mammalian hosts of amblyomma hebraeum and amblyomma marmoreum (acari: ixodidae).large numbers of birds, wild mammals and domestic stock from a variety of localities within the republic of south africa were examined for infestation with the ixodid ticks amblyomma hebraeum and amblyomma marmoreum. every warthog (phacochoerus aethiopicus), burchell's zebra (equus burchelli), impala (aepyceros melampus) and kudu (tragelaphus strepsiceros) from the kruger national park in the north-eastern transvaal lowveld was infested with a. hebraeum. in the eastern cape province every helmet ...19873329327
culicoides species associated with livestock in the stellenbosch area of the western cape province, republic of south africa (diptera: ceratopogonidae).a total of 33,564 culicoides midges was collected in 44 light trap collections made at 22 sites in the stellenbosch area during november 1986. of the 23 species present in these collections 8 were frequently encountered namely, c. magnus, c. imicola, culicoides sp. 49, c. zuluensis, c. gulbenkiani, c. pycnostictus, c. distinctipennis and c. nivosus. although c. magnus was abundant at all trap sites, the prevalence of the other species appeared to be affected by the proximity of the light trap to ...19883393370
a suspected lipofuscin storage disease of sheep associated with ingestion of the plant, trachyandra divaricata (jacq.) kunth.paresis afflicted 85 out of a flock of 770 young merino ewes kept on old wheat lands in the western cape during a period of drought. many of the paretic ewes died. the vegetation was sparse and was dominated by trachyandra divaricata. at necropsy, yellowish-brown discoloration of the grey matter throughout the brain and spinal cord and mild brown discoloration of the liver, renal cortex and lymph nodes were consistently seen. light microscopical examination revealed abundant, yellowish-brown pig ...19854047621
an outbreak of ovine listeriosis associated with poor flock management outbreak of listerial meningo-encephalitis involving sheep in the western cape province is recorded. poor management practices which are described were thought to be principal precipitating cause.19846492053
the distribution of pasteurella haemolytica serotypes among cattle, sheep, and goats in south africa and their association with diseases.over an 8-year period (september 1986 to march 1994), a total of 497 organ specimens from sheep and goats and 96 from cattle, were received for their isolation of pasteurella haemolytica. they were collected in seven geographical areas in south africa (as it existed before the april 1994 elections). these areas include the eastern cape, transvaal (new name: gauteng), nambia, orange free state (new name: free state), natal (new name: kwazulu-natal), western cape and the northern cape. this invest ...19958668319
diagnosis, distribution and prevalence of stilesia globipunctata (rivolta 1874) in sheep in the overberg region of the southern western cape province.stilesia globipunctata infections were found in sheep from the area east and south of bredasdorp in the overberg region of the southern cape province. the prevalence of infection on these farms ranged from 5.1 to 65%. in an abattoir survey 4 of the 6 lots of 4 to 5 year old sheep and only 1 of the 9 lots of sheep under the age of 1 year were infected with s. globipunctata. none of the sheep examined in the overberg region were infected with stilesia hepatica. a modified sedimentation technique p ...19958691415
cyanobacterial (blue-green algae) poisoning of livestock in the western cape province of south africa.three outbreaks of cyanobacterial (blue-green algae) poisoning involving cattle and sheep are described. in 2 of these acute mortality was followed by photodermatitis in some of the surviving animals. in all 3 outbreaks the hepatotoxicity of the water collected from the dams where the animals had been drinking was confirmed following the intraperitoneal administration to mice. nodularia spumigena was the dominant cyanobacterium in the first 2 outbreaks, and microcystis aeruginosa in the third. t ...19958691420
phage types of salmonella enterica serovar enteritidis isolated in south africa from 1991-1995.a total of 615 strains of salmonella enterica serovar enteritidis (se), received from 1991-1995 at the onderstepoort veterinary institute (ovi), were phage typed. most se isolates (54,7%) originated from poultry followed by humans (28,5 %) and poultry eggs (9,6 %). phage type 34 was the most prevalent (40,5 %) of all isolates, followed by phage type 4 (33,8 %). other phage types identified were 1, lb, 4a, 7, 7a, 9a, 14, 24, 24var and 35 (in total 2,4% of isolates). most isolates of se were recei ...200011028749
paratuberculosis in sheep: an emerging disease in south africa.during a serological survey for ovine paratuberculosis a total of 145934 ovine serum samples from 2019 farms throughout south africa were tested by means of the agid assay. fifty-two infected farms were identified in the western cape and eastern cape provinces. links between infected farms in the two provinces were established. examination of the distribution of infected farms in the western cape indicated a positive correlation between acid soils and occurrence of infection. in an attempt to in ...200011118715
a preliminary evaluation of a sheep blowfly trap in the western insecticide-free sheep blowfly trapping system, utilising a synthetic lure, was evaluated at 4 localities in the western cape. control sites, where no suppression was practised, were identified for each locality. the blowfly population was monitored for 48 hours monthly at each of the localities. five to 7 suppression traps at the respective localities were identified for this purpose. three to 10 traps were set monthly for monitoring in the control areas. trapping resulted in the suppression ...200011205162
a preliminary undifferentiated faecal egg count reduction test survey in the caledon area.during october 1998 a study was performed in the caledon area to determine the presence of anthelmintic resistance in the southern western cape, which falls within the winter rainfall region of south africa. the study took the form of an undifferentiated faecal egg count reduction test (fecrt) survey. the predominant worm genera of the region are teladorsagia and trichostrongylus, but haemonchus causes occasional outbreaks in sheep. no resistance data for any area in the western cape province ar ...200212088069
induction of photosensitivity in sheep with erodium moschatum (l.) l'hérit.erodium moschatum is an exotic weed in the southern and southwestern coastal areas of the western cape province (wcp), south africa. it has been suspected as the cause of photosensitivity in sheep. however, attempts to induce photosensitivity by dosing it to sheep have thus far been unsuccessful. during august 1999, 2 sheep suffering from severe photosensitivity were presented for clinical examination to the western cape provincial veterinary laboratory (wcpvl). one sheep was sacrificed for auto ...200212240770
seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis in sheep in south africa.serum samples from 600 sheep were collected from 5 different provinces randomly chosen in south africa. two sheep abattoirs (representing formal slaughter of sheep) and 1 rural location (representing informal slaughter of sheep) per province were also selected randomly. the serum samples were tested for anti-toxoplasma gondii igg antibodies using 2 different serological tests: an indirect fluorescent antibody (ifa) test and an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) test available as a commerc ...200718237032
annual ryegrass toxicity in thoroughbred horses in ceres in the western cape province, south outbreak of annual ryegrass toxicity occurred on a thoroughbred stud in ceres in the western cape province of south africa. this is the 1st report of annual ryegrass toxicity in horses in south africa, although the condition has been reported in cattle and sheep populations in the past. annual ryegrass toxicity is characterised by a variety of neurological signs including tremors, convulsions, recumbency and in many cases death. the description of the outbreak includes the history, clinical p ...200920458861
a survey of the prevalence of blowfly strike and the control measures used in the rûens area of the western cape province of south africa.blowfly strike and the methods used to combat blowfly strike were recorded on 33 properties in the rûens area of south africa during 2003/2004. data were recorded on merino and dohne merino hoggets (n = 4951) with at least 3 months' wool growth. the following data were captured: presence or absence of strike, site of the strike (body or breech), presence or absence of dermatophilosis as well as subjective scores for wool quality and wool colour. control measures recorded include: chemical treatm ...201122135924
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