parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa. xxxi. adult ixodid ticks on sheep in the cape province and in the orange free state.four to 10 dorper sheep on each of 12 farms in the cape province and 3 farms in the orange free state were examined for adult ixodid ticks at approximately 2- to 4-weekly intervals over periods varying from 4 to 18 months, commencing during january, february or april 1989. the farms in the cape province were located in the north-west, south-west and south of the province. those in the orange free state were situated in the north-east and in the south. the sheep in the cape province harboured 10 ...19921297957
haemonchus spp. in sheep farmed under resource-poor conditions in south africa--effect on haematocrit, conjunctival mucous membrane colour and body condition.a longitudinal study was conducted on the differential faecal egg counts, haematocrits and body condition scores of sheep belonging to resource-poor farmers at rust de winter, gauteng province, and kraaipan, north west province, south africa. the animals were scored for level of anaemia using the famacha method, an assay for the clinical evaluation of anaemia caused by haemonchus spp. periods of higher haemonchus egg counts occurred from october to march for sheep at rust de winter and from sept ...200212515298
raising livestock in resource-poor communities of the north west province of south africa--a participatory rural appraisal study.a participatory research model was used in six village communities in the central region of the north west province of south africa in order to achieve the following broad objectives: to obtain information on the challenges owners face in raising livestock in these areas and to evaluate the livestock owners' level of knowledge of internal parasites in their animals. information obtained at participatory workshops clearly indicated a need for improvements in water supply, schools, job creation, a ...200212665130
diversity and seasonal occurrence of eimeria species in a mixed flock of communally reared sheep and goats in mafikeng in the north west province, south africa.diversity and seasonal occurrence of coccidia in a communally reared mixed flock of sheep and goats at mafikeng, north west province, south africa, was determined between march 2008 and february 2009. faecal specimens were collected directly from the rectum of the animals and the number of oocysts per gram of faeces (opg) determined. the mean monthly opg for goats was significantly higher than that for sheep. higher oocyst counts were observed during the hot, rainy season than during the cold, d ...201021247039
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