[difficult species identification of cranial fragments--case report].introduction: an examination of remains found on the roadside in a locality near łódź, poland showed them to be cranial bones. their general appearance, and particularly the significant curvature of the vault and dimensions indicating a relatively large skull capacity showed that they could be human remains. but against that notion spoke anatomical details such as the size of the frontal sinuses, the situation of probable zygomatic appendices of the frontal bone, the texture of the interior surf ...200720143687
[bovine tuberculosis control in lódź province and its results].in the years 1964--1969 the lódź voivodeship has been involved in the fight against the cattle tuberculosis in result of which all socialized farms have been liberated from this disease. also, a percentage of cattle specific tuberculin reactions in individual farms has been diminished to 0.20% and the cases of tuberculosis after slaughter to 0.83%. the action had also some influence on the increase of the cattle stock. the loss has been diminished because of the sequesters of internal organs and ...1979554985
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