[seasonal dynamics of the main helminthiases on a sheep farm pasture].two-year observations were made on the seasonal and age dynamic of the basic helminth infections on a pasture complex of the village of bochkovtsi , veliko turnovo district. the methods of f ulleborn , berman , successive washing, and macmaster were employed to investigate a total of 2198 fecal samples taken from 50 permanently marked lambs, weaned lambs, and ewes. the parasite burden and the species composition of the helminths were established via complete post-mortem examinations, resp., helm ...19846730322
[immunobiological and antigenic studies of babesia ovis strains in bulgaria].a comparative study was carried out on the immunologic and antigenic properties of 8 strains of babesia ovis isolated in 5 districts of the country. the immunologic capacity was tested through challenging with each of the strains in group of 4 weaned lambs that were preliminary vaccinated with one of the strains - veliko turnovo. two nonvaccinated animals were included in each group, serving as controls. the strength of immunity was checked by both the temperature and the parasitic reaction as w ...19817303478
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