selenium content of whole blood and serum in adults and children of different ages from different parts of finland.a low level of selenium (se) in the blood and serum of finns was demonstrated. inhabitants in the central, eastern and southeastern districts of the country had particularly low levels selenium. however, the se level of lapps and the people of the aland archipelago seemed to be significantly higher than the level of other finns. in general, the se levels in th serum were lower than the values for whole blood. furthermore, the levels were lower in children than in adults. the significance of thes ...1977577106
mitochondrial sequence reveals high levels of gene flow between breeds of domestic sheep from asia and europe.sequence variation present within the mitochondrial genome was used to investigate genetic diversity within sheep breeds from asia and europe. comparison of 2027 bp of sequence from 121 animals revealed 44 phylogenetically informative nucleotide positions and a single insertion/deletion. a total of 57 haplotypes were observed which formed two distinct clades. type a haplotypes were found in breeds from asia (india, indonesia, mongolia, and tibet), while type b haplotypes were observed at the hig ...200516135704
immunological classification of a pike lymphoma.monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against mammalian intermediate filament (if) proteins were used to demonstrate if expression in tissues and lymphoma tumors of northern pikes, esox lucius l., from the aland islands of finland by indirect immunofluorescence microscopy. frozen sections of pike tissues demonstrated ifs in a manner confirming their evolutionary conservation and subclass specificity. tumor cells showed morphological resemblance to head kidney cells and were positive for vimentin ...19863765362
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