effects of age and reproductive stage on certain serum biochemical parameters of chios sheep under greek rearing conditions.the aim of the present study was to determine the normal ranges of the most commonly used serum biochemical parameters of sheep reared under greek breeding conditions, as well as to test for the effects of the age and reproductive status of the animals on the normal values of these parameters. in total, 200 clinically healthy chios sheep from 10 farms were used in the experiment. for the determination of the effect of age 150 sheep were assigned in three groups. group a consisting of 50 lambs ag ...200616901268
melatonin administration increased plasminogen activator activity in ram spermatozoa.the aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of melatonin on plasminogen activator activity (paa), plasminogen activator inhibition (pai) and plasmin inhibition (pi) in ram spermatozoa and seminal plasma, in correlation with changes in blood testosterone. melatonin implants (18 mg) were placed subcutaneously in sixteen chios rams in autumn and spring. semen samples for spectrophotometrical assays were collected 36 h before the implantation of melatonin and thereafter once a week, f ...200818045674
short communication: study of immune parameters in three greek dairy sheep breeds during the periparturient period.the objective of the present study was to evaluate whether immunosuppression occurs in 3 different greek dairy sheep breeds during the periparturient period. a total of 33 ewes from 3 breeds [i.e., the low-producing boutsiko breed (n = 11), which is highly adaptable to harsh environments; the high-producing but environmentally fragile chios breed (n = 11); and an intermediate synthetic breed (50% boutsiko, 25% arta, and 25% chios, n = 11)] were used. blood samples were collected at 18 and 2 d be ...200718024748
[seasonal variations in estrus behavior and ovulatory activity in chios and serres ewes in greece].sheep are seasonal breeders, but a lower seasonality has been reported for sheep breeds from the mediterranean countries enabling spring matings. to further substantiate this, the present study compared seasonal variation in oestrus behaviour and ovulation in two greek breeds (chios and serres) maintained in the same environment. in 27 adult ewes of each breed, oestrus behaviour, the occurrence of ovulation and ovulation rate were monitored during 2 successive years by daily inspection by rams, ...19938447940
factors affecting the plasmin-plasminogen system in milk obtained from three greek dairy sheep breeds with major differences in milk production capacity.the purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of breed, stage of lactation, and health status of the udder on the plasmin-plasminogen system in ovine milk. a total of 38 ewes were used from 3 breeds [boutsiko (n = 12), chios (n = 12), and a synthetic breed (50% boutsiko, 25% arta, and 25% chios, n = 14)] with major differences in their genetic potential with respect to milk yield. milk samples were collected every 2 wk throughout the lactation period and were analyzed for fat, protein, la ...200717582110
sources of variation and genetic profile of spontaneous, out-of-season ovulatory activity in the chios sheep.organising the breeding plan of a seasonally breeding species, such as sheep, presents a challenge to farmers and the industry as a whole, since both economical and biological considerations need to be carefully balanced. understanding the breeding activity of individual animals becomes a prerequisite for a successful breeding program. this study set out to investigate the sources of variation and the genetic profile of the spontaneous, out-of-season ovulatory activity of ewes of the chios dairy ...200312605851
prion protein gene polymorphisms in healthy and scrapie-affected sheep in greece.a total of 216 local crossbred sheep from 16 scrapie-affected greek flocks and 210 purebred sheep of the milk breeds chios and karagouniko from healthy flocks were analysed for scrapie-linked polymorphisms in the prion protein (prp) gene. of the 216 sheep in this case-control study, 96 sheep were clinical cases, 25 subclinical cases (asymptomatic at the moment of euthanasia but positive by histopathology and/or elisa detecting proteinase-resistant prp) and 95 healthy controls (negative by all ev ...200414769911
characterization of the prnp gene locus in chios dairy sheep and its association with milk production and reproduction traits.the objective of this study was to examine the prion protein gene locus (prnp) in chios sheep. prnp is linked with scrapie resistance in small ruminants. here, its impact on milk production (test-day and total lactation yield) and reproduction (age at first lambing, conception rate at first service, and prolificacy) was assessed. genotyping at codons 136, 154 and 171 (classical scrapie) and 141 (atypical scrapie) was performed using dna from milk somatic cells and pcr-rflp analysis. a total of 1 ...201121749423
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