factors affecting the plasmin-plasminogen system in milk obtained from three greek dairy sheep breeds with major differences in milk production capacity.the purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of breed, stage of lactation, and health status of the udder on the plasmin-plasminogen system in ovine milk. a total of 38 ewes were used from 3 breeds [boutsiko (n = 12), chios (n = 12), and a synthetic breed (50% boutsiko, 25% arta, and 25% chios, n = 14)] with major differences in their genetic potential with respect to milk yield. milk samples were collected every 2 wk throughout the lactation period and were analyzed for fat, protein, la ...200717582110
short communication: study of immune parameters in three greek dairy sheep breeds during the periparturient period.the objective of the present study was to evaluate whether immunosuppression occurs in 3 different greek dairy sheep breeds during the periparturient period. a total of 33 ewes from 3 breeds [i.e., the low-producing boutsiko breed (n = 11), which is highly adaptable to harsh environments; the high-producing but environmentally fragile chios breed (n = 11); and an intermediate synthetic breed (50% boutsiko, 25% arta, and 25% chios, n = 11)] were used. blood samples were collected at 18 and 2 d be ...200718024748
chemical and microbiological characterization of artisan inoculants used for the fermentation of traditional dairy products in epirus area (greece).the artisan production of a variety of dairy products is a historical tradition since antiquity, which is still practiced nowadays, in the area of epirus, (northwestern greece). the common denominator of these products, regardless of the final form of the end product, is the fermentation of raw milk by the use of dried artisan inoculants made of the dehydrated rumen of small ruminants, mainly lambs. the aim of this research project is to study the microbiological parameters as well as certain te ...201121839182
isolation of a rare escherichia coli o157:h7 strain from farm animals in greece.a strain of escherichia coli o157:h7 was isolated from goat faeces during a surveillance study on the prevalence of this serotype of e. coli in farm animals in greece. three hundred and fifty one faecal samples were collected from goat, sheep and cattle breeding farms in the area of epirus, northwestern greece. the e. coli o157:h7 isolate was nonsorbitol-fermenter, produced only vt2 and showed a beta-glucuronidase positive activity, a rather unusual biochemical feature for the e. coli o157:h7 se ...200415001315
isolation of microbial pathogens of subclinical mastitis from raw sheep's milk of epirus (greece) and their role in its hygiene.the natural raw milk microflora is a factor that expresses its sensorial characteristics. the microbial charge into the mammary gland of healthy animal is low and the application of right and healthy conditions during milking and cheese making procedure, prevents from contaminating as well as maintains the natural microflora in order to lend the particular characteristics of milk. the purpose of the present project was the study of the total viable count (t.v.c.) and the count of total psychrotr ...201121620987
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