clinical features, complications and treatment outcome of childhood brucellosis in central examine the epidemiology, clinical and hematological characteristics, complications and treatment outcome of childhood brucellosis in central greece.200212099734
detection of chromosomal and plasmid--encoded virulence determinants in yersinia enterocolitica and other yersinia spp. isolated from food animals in greece.the distribution of yersinia strains in animal reservoirs was examined in 835 food animals (pigs, chickens, sheep, cows) from different greek departments (attica, fthiotida, viotia and evia) over a one year period. the isolated strains were characterized with respect to the presence of chromosomal (yst) and plasmid-encoded virulence determinants (virf, yada) and their antimicrobial susceptibility was tested. in total, yersiniaspp. were obtained from 9.94% of the 835 food animals at slaughter tha ...200717825934
epidemiological survey of cestode-larva disease in greek sheep flocks.the epidemiological status of hydatidosis, cysticercosis, and gid in sheep and the production practices of sheep farmers that increase the risk of exposure of sheep to infecting agents of these diseases were investigated in thessaly, central greece during 2002-2006. a total of 700 hoggets (sheep up to the age of 1 year) and 1500 adult sheep were examined randomly at an abattoir survey and the prevalences of hydatidosis and cysticercosis were found 39.32% and 29.41%, respectively. hoggets had sig ...200818346853
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