assessment and simulation of the implementation of brucellosis control programme in an endemic area of the middle east.brucellosis is an important zoonosis in middle eastern countries. in this study we assessed the extent of the application of planned official brucellosis control programmes in kafr el sheikh governorate, egypt and we used a stochastic simulation model to assess the probable impact of changes to the official control strategy on the dynamics of small-ruminant brucellosis. our results show that <7% of female livestock were tested in any given year in the study area and that quarantine was not consi ...200919288957
ruminant brucellosis in the kafr el sheikh governorate of the nile delta, egypt: prevalence of a neglected zoonosis.background: brucellosis is a neglected tropical zoonosis allegedly reemerging in middle eastern countries. infected ruminants are the primary source of human infection; consequently, estimates of the frequency of ruminant brucellosis are useful elements for building effective control strategies. unfortunately, these estimates are lacking in most middle east countries including egypt. our objectives are to estimate the frequency of ruminant brucellosis and to describe its spatial distribution in ...201121264355
virus isolations and high population density implicate culex antennatus (becker) (diptera: culicidae) as a vector of rift valley fever virus during an outbreak in the nile delta of june, 2003, egypt's hospital-based electronic disease surveillance system began to record increased cases of acute febrile illness from governorates in the nile delta. in response to a request for assistance from the egyptian ministry of health and the world health organization (who), the u.s. naval medical research unit no. 3 (namru-3) provided assistance in identifying the cause and extent of this outbreak. testing of human clinical samples (n=375) from nine governorates in egypt identified ...201121570939
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