studies of wound myiasis among sheep and goats in north sinai governorate, egypt.myiasis of man and animals is a real welfare problem of world wide distribution particularly in animal raising countries. studies of myiasis of sheep and goats in north sinai resulted in the identification of 21 species of myiasis producing flies. the predominant species was musca domestica followed by lucilia sericata and the least abundant was m. albina. in general, sheep were more infested with wound myiasis than goats. the overall infestation rate was high in summer, followed by spring then ...19979425818
the endoparasites of sheep and goats, and shepherd in north sinai governorate, egypt.examination of sheep and goats in four areas in north sinai revealed an overall infection of 12.70% with fasciola species, 11.8% with paramphistomum cerve, 12.80% with moniezia expansa, 47.11% with trichostrongylus colubriformis, 4.59% trichuris ovis and 44.85% coccidia. the highly infected sheep and goats were diagnosed in el hassanah center (90.49%), followed by al arish city (87.31%), then rafah city (74.39%), and lastly bir al abd (54.71%). the elevation of the overall percent of infection i ...200212049248
studies on theileria and babesia infecting live and slaughtered animals in al arish and el hasanah, north sinai governorate, egypt.during the year 2001, a total of 475 sheep, 200 goats, 135 cattle and 190 camels in el arich city and el hassanah center were examined for babesia ovis and theileria ovis. blood films were taken from the vein of the ear. meanwhile, the animals were examined for tick infestations. b. ovis and th. ovis were detected in 13 (2.7%), and 14 (2.9%) sheep, 14 (7.0%), and 15 (7.5%) goats, 13 (9.6%), and 11 (8.1%) cattle and 18 (9.5%), and 24 (12.6%) camels respectively. on the other hand, double infectio ...200212214937
two types of scab mites infesting man and sheep in north and sheep were examined for scab mites infestations. two types of mites were recovered, sarcoptes scabiei and psoroptes ovis. in sheep, 197 out of 939 (20.98%) were infested with s. scabiei (4.05%) and p. ovis (16.93%). the highly infested sheep were recorded in el hassanah (28.22%) and the least infested ones were in al arish (15.85%). in man, 69 out of 790 (8.7%) were infested with s. scabiei (8.1%) and p. ovis (0.63%). the highly infested patients were recorded in el hassanah (16.2%) foll ...200112557944
a preliminary study on dicrocoeliasis in egypt, with a general review.dicrocoelium dendriticum (d. dendriticum) is a lancet-shape liver fluke that affects sheep and mammals including man. human and animal infections have been world widely reported particularly in some of the eastern mediterranean sheep raising countries. infection is acquired by eating the second intermediate host (17 species of ants) with raw fruits, vegetables, herbs or even with the drinking water. as for the first intermediate host, there is about 54 different species of land snails. in spite ...200312739803
q fever (coxiella burnetii) among man and farm animals in north sinai, egypt.antibodies against coxiella burnetii were estimated among sheep, goats and camels (190), their owners (150 patients with pyrexia of unknown origin) and 30 normal individuals in north sinai over the 2006 by indirect immounofluorescence assay. nested polymerase chain reaction was used to detect com-1 gene (genetic target of c. burnetii) encoding a 27-kda outer membrane protein in the samples. c. burnetii ifa antibodies (igm & igg) in patients were 8 (5.3%) and a healthy control (3.3%). the overall ...200717580573
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