epidemiology of nematode parasites of sheep around jimma, southwestern investigation was made into the epidemiology of nematode infections of sheep in two districts of jimma zone, southwestern ethiopia. we used two approaches--long-term monitoring of identified sheep for nematode infection and abattoir or market survey for analysis. in the first monitoring regime, we used 80 lambs [40 sheep (20 per sex) from each district (dedo and yebu)] averaging 4-5 months of age. faecal egg counts (fec), packed cell volume (pcv) and body weight changes were monitored over a ...201019882224
supplementation with linseed (linum usitatissimum) cake and/or wheat bran on feed utilization and carcass characteristics of arsi-bale sheep.thirty yearling male intact arsi-bale sheep with initial body weight (bw) of 15.5 +/- 0.21 kg (mean +/- sd) were used in 90 days feeding trial, 10 days digestibility trial followed by evaluation of carcass parameters at bokoji, ethiopia. the objectives were to evaluate effects of supplementation with linseed (linum usitatissimum) cake (lsc), wheat bran (wb), and their mixtures at 2:1 and 1:2, respectively on feed intake, digestibility, daily bw gain, and carcass parameters. the five treatments i ...201019876753
body size and testicular traits of tropically-adapted bucks raised under extensive husbandry in ethiopia.five tropically adapted buck breeds extensively managed in ethiopia were studied to determine possible effects of breed and age on body size and testicular traits. in all, 177 bucks were selected following stratified random sampling, and evaluated in three age groups: <14 months (young), 14-19.5 months (intermediate) and 19.6-24 months (old). the breeds studied were arsi-bale (ab; n = 35), central highlands (ch; n = 33), afar (n = 35), boran (n = 36) and woito-guji (wg; n = 38). in all the three ...200818325007
abnormalities of the testes and epididymis in bucks and rams slaughtered at debre zeit abattoir, ethiopia.a study was conducted at debre zeit export abattoir on 404 bucks belonging to four breeds and 167 rams of two breeds. the animals were selected from the slaughter flock using stratified sampling based on breed. ante-mortem and post-mortem examinations were carried out after each animal was carefully identified. various genital abnormalities were observed, among which testicular atrophy and epididymitis were the predominant genital problems in both bucks and rams. the prevalence of cryptorchidism ...200314690091
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