population and production parameters of sheep under traditional management in semi-arid areas of africa.this paper summarises and compares data on the sheep of 4 societies, the baqqara of western sudan, the afar of ethiopia, the bambara of mali and the masai of kenya. the parameters considered are demographic structure of the population by sex and age, population morphology, growth from birth to maturity and a comparison of output at the level of both the breeding ewe and of the flock. in both individual and flock output the baqqara sheep were superior, the afar achieving second place in flock out ...19807456125
abnormalities of the testes and epididymis in bucks and rams slaughtered at debre zeit abattoir, ethiopia.a study was conducted at debre zeit export abattoir on 404 bucks belonging to four breeds and 167 rams of two breeds. the animals were selected from the slaughter flock using stratified sampling based on breed. ante-mortem and post-mortem examinations were carried out after each animal was carefully identified. various genital abnormalities were observed, among which testicular atrophy and epididymitis were the predominant genital problems in both bucks and rams. the prevalence of cryptorchidism ...200314690091
contagious caprine pleuropneumonia and mannheimia haemolytica-associated acute respiratory disease of goats and sheep in afar region, april 2002, an investigation into an outbreak of acute respiratory disease in goats and sheep in milae (afar), ethiopia was conducted. the investigation involved 4 flocks (722 sheep and 750 goats in total) and comprised the disease history, clinical and post-mortem examination, and microbiological analysis of nasal swabs, lung lesions, and pleural fluid samples. clinically diseased animals exhibited severe respiratory distress, and necropsy of two of the goats demonstrated fibrinous pneumonia ...200617361779
distribution of brucellosis among small ruminants in the pastoral region of afar, eastern ethiopia.a cross-sectional study was conducted in the pastoral region of afar, in eastern and central ethiopia, to determine the distribution of brucellosis in small ruminants. between december 2005 and june 2006, 1,568 serum samples were taken: 563 samples from sheep and 1,005 from goats. one hundred and forty-seven of these (9.4%) tested positive using the rose bengal plate test (rbpt), and 76 (4.8%) also tested positive by the complement fixation test (cft). brucellosis was detected in all five admini ...200718293621
body size and testicular traits of tropically-adapted bucks raised under extensive husbandry in ethiopia.five tropically adapted buck breeds extensively managed in ethiopia were studied to determine possible effects of breed and age on body size and testicular traits. in all, 177 bucks were selected following stratified random sampling, and evaluated in three age groups: <14 months (young), 14-19.5 months (intermediate) and 19.6-24 months (old). the breeds studied were arsi-bale (ab; n = 35), central highlands (ch; n = 33), afar (n = 35), boran (n = 36) and woito-guji (wg; n = 38). in all the three ...200818325007
seroprevalence of contagious caprine pleuropneumonia in kefta humera, alamata (tigray) and aba-'ala (afar), northern ethiopia.a cross sectional study was conducted to determine the sero-prevalence of contagious caprine pleuroneumonia in three districts of tigray and afar regions of ethiopia namely; kefta humera, alamata and aba-'alla. proportions and chi-square test statistics were used to analyze the data. from a total of 863 goats and 137 sheep tested, 282 (32.68%) and 25 (18.25%) were positive for antibodies of mycoplasma capricolum subsp. capripneumoniae respectively using complement fixation test (cft). the seropr ...200918989743
Seroprevalence and sero-conversion after vaccination against Peste des Petits Ruminants in sheep and goats from Awash Fentale District, Afar, Ethiopia.A cross-sectional epidemiological study followed by vaccination and postvaccinal serum antibody assessment against Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) in small ruminant population of Awash Fentale District, Afar, Ethiopia, was conducted from September 2006 to June 2007 with the aim of investigating seroprevalence and post-vaccination sero-conversion rate. A total of 1239 sera collected from sheep and goats which were not vaccinated, were screened by using nucleoprotein-based competitive enzyme-link ...201222088269
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