seroprevalence of q fever (coxiellosis) in sheep from the southern marmara region, turkey.little information is available in turkey on q fever, a zoonose caused by coxiella burnetii and transmitted from domestic ruminants. this study aimed at investigating the seroprevalence in sheep flocks from three provinces (bursa, balikesir and canakkale). serosurvey was undertaken on 42 flocks, which were categorised by sizes. sera were collected randomly from specific age groups within the young population. chekit q-fever elisa kit was used to identify the infection in sheep. the results showe ...201018848356
[epidemiological evaluation of a rapidly-prevented tularemia outbreak in canakkale province, turkey].tularemia is a disease caused by francisella tularensis and widely seen at northern hemisphere of the world. in turkey, oropharyngeal infections caused by a less virulent serotype f.tularensis subsp. holarctica are more prevalent. the aim of this study was to present the results of an epidemiological research performed after the detection of tularemia cases from biga county of canakkale province, turkey, in december 2009. following the report of two tularemia suspected cases from two villages (b ...201121341159
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