investigation of helicobacter pylori in raw sheep milk is known that helicobacter pylori is a cause of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer disease in humans. however the origin and transmission of this bacterium has not been clearly explained. one of the suggested theories is transmission via raw milk from animals to human beings. in this study, the presence of h. pylori was investigated in sheep milk that is commonly consumed as human food. for this purpose, a total of 440 raw sheep milk samples collected from the burdur region of turkey were exa ...200212241034
prevalence and economic importance of cystic echinococcosis in slaughtered ruminants in burdur, turkey.this study was conducted between april 2000 and march 2001, in 12-month period. during the study, local slaughterhouses were visited periodically for 1 year to examine the internal organs (livers, lungs, spleens and hearts) for the presence of cysts and total 1355 cattle, 218 sheep and 104 goats were examined for the cystic echinococcosis (ce). it was found that 13.5% of cattle, 26.6% of sheep and 22.1% of goats were infected with this disease. while cysts in cattle (p < 0.001) and goats (p > 0. ...200312864901
border disease virus (bdv) infections of small ruminants in turkey: a new bdv subgroup?blood samples from sheep and/or goats from eight small ruminant flocks in the turkish provinces of aydin and burdur were tested for the presence of pestiviruses using an antigen-capture elisa. from clinically affected animals, pathological and immunohistochemical findings were recorded. post mortem examination of a virus-positive lamb showing abnormal fleece and paralysis of the hind legs revealed nonsuppurative meningoencephalomyelitis with hypomyelinogenesis. by immunohistochemistry pestivirus ...200919019578
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