paramphistomiasis of domestic ruminants. 19714927976
potential vectors of bluetongue in lesbos, greece. 19836316621
[ecthyma contagiosum epidemics in turkey].in the years 1979 and 1980 after the religious holidays of the "feast of sacrifice" in izmir (turkey), there was an epidemic-type of outbreak of 31 cases of ecthyma contagiosum. on the occasion of the sacrificial feast day the amateur butchers, their helpers, housewives, and others came into direct contact with virus-infected parts and were infected with the ecthyma contagiosum virus, which includes the paravaccinia group.19827107283
prevalence, distribution, and host range of peste des petits ruminants virus, turkey.peste des petits ruminants virus (pprv, genus morbillivirus), which causes a severe disease in sheep and goats, has only recently been officially declared to be present in turkey. we carried out a study to determine the prevalence, distribution, and host range of pprv in turkey. a total of 1,607 animals, reared in 18 different locations, were monitored for the presence of antibodies to pprv and the related virus of large ruminants, rinderpest virus (rpv). only two farms had animals that were fre ...200212095439
ciliated protozoa in the rumen of turkish domestic cattle (bos taurus l.).rumen contents obtained from 28 domesticated cattle (bos taurus l.) slaughtered at abatoirs near izmir, turkey were surveyed for ciliate protozoa. protozoa are known to make an appreciable contribution to ruminal fiber digestion in many different geographical areas; however, little if any information is available on their occurrence in turkish cattle. as a result of our survey, 13 genera including 52 species were identified. nine of the species were further divided into 36 forma. the average cil ...200312744522
patterns of spread and persistence of foot-and-mouth disease types a, o and asia-1 in turkey: a meta-population approach.despite significant control efforts, foot-and-mouth disease (fmd) persists in turkey, and new strains of serotypes a, o and asia-1 are periodically reported to enter the country from the east. the status of fmd in turkey is important regionally because the country forms a natural bridge between asia where the disease is endemic, and europe which has disease-free status. this study analysed spatial and temporal patterns of fmd occurrence in turkey to explore factors associated with the disease's ...200515962561
genetic analysis of the m rna segment of crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever virus strains in turkey.crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever (cchf) virus is member of the genus nairovirus of the family bunyaviridae. all members of the family bunyaviridae are enveloped viruses containing tripartite, negative polarity, single-stranded rna. cchf is characterized by high case mortality, occurring in asia, africa, the middle east and europe. during recent years, outbreaks have been reported in turkey. however, little information is available on the genetic diversity of cchf virus in turkey. in this study, a ...200817955162
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