stable isotope variation in wool as a means to establish turkish carpet provenance.the problem of establishing the provenance of carpets of artistic and historical importance is well known. we have addressed this by investigating whether there is sufficient geographical variation in the stable isotopes in wool (namely c, n and s) between key areas of turkey to be able to recognize the different regions where carpets were made. here we report results from modern wool samples taken from the winter growth of sheep in 2003/2004 from 13 carpet-producing sites. although each site ha ...200516208759
prevalence and intensity of oestrus ovis in akkaraman sheep in the konya region of turkey.slaughterhouse surveys to determine the prevalence and intensity of larval oestrus ovis linnaeus (diptera: oestridae) in sheep, were conducted monthly for 1 year in konya, turkey. a total of 624 sheep, selected at random, were examined and 59% were found to be infested by o. ovis. a total of 8801 larvae were collected, of which 68.9% were first-stage, 19.1% second-stage and 12% third-stage larvae. all three larval stadia were seen in each month of the year. the larval intensity for infected shee ...200617044888
[nocturnal flight activities of culicoides (diptera: ceratopogonidae) species in konya].this study was carried out in order to determine the nocturnal flight activities of culicoides species during july, 1997 in konya. light traps were used for the collection of culicoides specimens. they were placed in or nearby pens of poultry, sheep and cattle between the hours 20:00-22:00, 22:00-24:00, 24:00-02:00, 02:00-04:00, 04:00-06:00, and 06:00-08:00. a total of 4084 specimens were caught. twelve species (c. puncticollis, c. maritimus, c. circumscriptus, c. punctatus, c. newsteadi, c. fla ...200617160855
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