important endoparasites in sheep and goat flocks in spring 1992 in jordan 70 flocks of sheep and goats were investigated coproscopically. 838 of altogether 882 small ruminants (= 95.01%) harboured endoparasites. in three different parts of the country--in the vicinities of ma'an, kerak and amman--the results were similar (dictyocaulus, nematodirus, moniezia) or they differed (protostrongylids, marshallagia and other trichostrongylids, eimeria). in connection with the established parasite status remarks concerning the therapy, including the pro ...19938237204
prevalence of hydatid cysts in livestock from five regions of jordan.when the prevalences of cystic echinococcosis in indigenous sheep, goats, cattle and camels from five regions of jordan were investigated, from march to december 1992, they were found to be 12.9%, 12.7%, 0.9% and 11%, respectively. they were substantially higher in sheep from karak (27.6%) and in cattle from central jordan (18.0% in amman and 14.3% in sahab) than in the same animals in other regions. age-intensity data indicated that the parasite population is endemic in sheep and cattle and hyp ...19958745937
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