characterization of indigenous fat-tailed and fat-rumped hair sheep in kenya: diversity in blood proteins.this paper reports the variation in five blood proteins from five populations of sheep found in kenya. blood samples were collected from a total of 309 adult sheep of both sexes in kwale, makueni and kakamega districts for the fat-tailed sheep and in isiolo district for the fat-rumped hair sheep. fine-wooled merino sheep were used in this study as the reference population. transferrin, esterase-a and esterase-c were polymorphic in all the populations investigated, while albumin was monomorphic f ...200212537389
tick survey on goats and sheep in kenya.a tick survey was done on sheep and goats in siaya and kakamega districts, kenya between october 1980 and october 1981. most of the animals were found to carry one to 10 ticks with no significant difference between sheep and goats. the most abundant species was r. appendiculatus followed by r. evertsi. there were more male than female ticks found on the animals. thirty per cent of the farms visited practised the hand picking method of tick control while 14% regularly dipped their animals.19854024262
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