demographic characteristics of the lambwe valley population.thirty-four per cent of the population (11,079) in the lambwe valley study site was under the age of 10, and 59% were under the age of 20. the population was equally divided among males and females (m/f 0.99). the crude birth rate averaged 45%; the death rate was 8% and the natural increase averaged 37%. infant and child mortality was 66% and 108% respectively. the average household size was 8.4 individuals. the population migrated to the lambwe valley primarily from other areas in kenya, althou ...19892619396
the characterization of vibrio cholerae isolated in kenya in 1983.a total of 245 strains of vibrio cholerae 01 and two strains of v. cholerae non-01 were isolated and collected from diarrhoeal patients in homa bay district hospital and the other medical facilities in nyanza province, kenya in 1983. the majority of v. cholerae 01 tested were ogawa type (with the exception of nine inaba type), biotype e1 tor (except one untypable strain) and celebes original type (except one cured type). haemolytic activity to sheep red blood cells was detected in 75.5% of isola ...19863795327
tick survey on goats and sheep in kenya.a tick survey was done on sheep and goats in siaya and kakamega districts, kenya between october 1980 and october 1981. most of the animals were found to carry one to 10 ticks with no significant difference between sheep and goats. the most abundant species was r. appendiculatus followed by r. evertsi. there were more male than female ticks found on the animals. thirty per cent of the farms visited practised the hand picking method of tick control while 14% regularly dipped their animals.19854024262
the efficiency of different diagnostic methods in animal trypanosomiasis; based on surveys carried out in nyanza province, kenya. 19724125897
the epidemiology of trypanosoma rhodesiense sleeping sickness in alego location, central nyanza, kenya. ii. the cyclical transmission of trypanosoma rhodesiense isolated from cattle to a man, a cow and to sheep. 19676055560
complement consumption in children with plasmodium falciparum malaria.complement (c) can be activated during malaria, c components consumed and inflammatory mediators produced. this has potential to impair host innate defence.200919134190
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