epidemiological survey of the maedi visna (mv) virus in syrian awassi sheep.awassi sheep sera from all the syrian provinces were tested for antibodies against the maedi visna (mv) virus using the agar immuno-diffusion test. eighty-seven animals out of 1,445 tested, showed positiveness (6%) to mv glycoprotein 135. the infection was detected in most provinces except in the southern provinces of damascus, sweida and konaitra. use and quality of folds and rainfall were considered as factors influencing maedi visna distribution. the infection could be related to losses in sh ...19938190977
field investigations of brucellosis in cattle and small ruminants in syria, 1990-1996.the authors present the epidemiological status of brucellosis in cattle and small ruminants in syria from 1990 to 1996, based on laboratory findings at the brucellosis centre, damascus. initial investigations using the rose bengal plate test, the complement fixation test and a miniaturised variant of the slow agglutination test were conducted throughout the country in 1990 and 1991, revealing an overall herd seroprevalence rate of 3.14% in cattle herds and 2.94% in small ruminant flocks. althoug ...200111732419
[serological studies on prevalence of toxoplasma gondii in awassi sheep in syria].survey was conducted in 9 syrian provinces on clinically healthy awassi sheep. serum samples were collected from several districts (more than 47 localities--31 villages and 20 herds). animals were 1-5 years old. 458 samples were collected in spring 1997 and 352 samples were collected from november 1998 through february 1999. the result indicated that seroprevalence of toxoplasma gondii ranged between 0-100% in the herds and 13.8-74.5% between the provinces. and the mean of sero-prevalence was 44 ...200212058592
assessment of milk ring test and some serological tests in the detection of brucella melitensis in syrian female sheep.brucella melitensis infection prevalence among syrian female sheep, to evaluate a number of serological tests and to discuss some epidemiological aspects of brucellosis, was studied. a total of 2,580 unvaccinated syrian female sheep sera samples were tested for b. melitensis antibodies detection using four serological methods: the rose bengal test (rbt), the serum agglutination test (sat), the complement fixation test (cft) and an indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ielisa). in addition, ...201121234678
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