resistance to benzimidazoles in haemonchus contortus of sheep in tanzania.this study was undertaken to establish whether resistance to benzimidazole anthelmintics was present in gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep and goats at the university farm of sokoine university of agriculture, morogoro, tanzania. groups of lambs were treated with albendazole at 3.8 mg/kg (recommended dose rate), 5.6 mg/kg and 10.0 mg/kg and a fourth group was untreated. seven days after treatment, faecal egg count reductions (fecr) were found to be 94.3%, 97.6% and 99.3% and 14 days after treat ...19901980804
a survey of wild animals as potential reservoirs of trypanosomiasis in the ulanga district (tanzania). 19674383076
phenotypes including immunocompetence in scavenging local chicken ecotypes in tanzania.a study was conducted to determine the variations in physical characters and immunocompetence among scavenging local chicken ecotypes in tanzania. eighty-four adult scavenging local chickens from four eco-climatic regions of tanzania were studied. measurements of adult body weight, body length, shank length and egg weight and observations of plumage colour and pattern, earlobe colour, skin colour and the shape of the comb were conducted. the antibody response to sheep red blood cells, serum haem ...200111474868
efficacy of albendazole and levamisole against gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep and goats in morogoro, tanzania.a study was conducted to determine the efficacy of albendazole after it had been withdrawn from use due to the development of resistant strains of nematodes about ten years ago. the study also aimed to determine the present efficacy of levamisole, which had been recommended to replace albendazole. on one farm, the sheep and goats were divided into two groups, one group of each serving as the untreated control, while the other was treated with levamisole. the sheep on the other farm were divided ...200211969109
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