serological survey of antibodies to ehrlichia ruminantium in small ruminants in tanzania.sera from 497 sheep and 555 goats collected in a cross sectional study from different geographical locations in north-eastern tanzania were examined for antibodies to ehrlichia ruminantium using map 1-b elisa technique. e. ruminantium antibodies were found in 68.6% (341/497) of sheep and 64.7% (359/555) of goats. overall seroprevalence was 66.5% (700/1052). infection rates were higher in sheep than goats (p < 0.05), in pastoral than in agro-pastoral production systems (p < 0.05) and in female sh ...200919067218
herd- and animal-level risk factors for bovine leptospirosis in tanga region of tanzania.leptospirosis is the zoonosis of worldwide distribution and common cause of economic loss and ill health among animals and human populations. a cross-sectional seroprevalence study, using a microscopic agglutination test (mat) with a threshold titre of >or=1:160, to elucidate disease magnitude, distribution and associated risk factors in cattle in tanga, tanzania was conducted from may 2003 to january 2004. serum (n = 655) samples collected from randomly selected herds (n = 130) were tested for ...201020517645
sero-epidemiological investigation of bovine toxoplasmosis in traditional and smallholder cattle production systems of tanga region, view of the worldwide importance of toxoplasma gondii and the fragmented information on the seroprevalence of the disease in animals in tanzania, a study, using the modified eiken latex agglutination test (lat), was conducted from may 2003 to january 2004 to determine the prevalence of antibody to t. gondii in 130 randomly selected farms comprising 655 cattle. the overall seroprevalence of t.gondii antibodies in cattle and farms were 3.6% and 13%, respectively. risk factors for animal and her ...201019784876
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