an epidemiological approach to the study of echinococcosis in north-east region of iran (khorassan).we have collected all the reported cases of echinococcus cysts recovered in every surgical ward in mashhad since their establishment. at the same time we searched corpses of livestock which had been slaughtered in khorassan's slaughter houses in different days since 1969 for evidence of cysts, and also dogs, 2 wolves, 4 jackals and 11 foxes which had been killed with strychnine, for adult worms. occurrence of hydatid cyst infestation was found in 478 reports of surgical operations amongst 43,196 ...19761004935
causes of abortion in khorassan province--mashad.the aim of this paper is to analyse the cause of abortion and postnatal deaths in sheep on the basis of laboratory examinations. for serological examination against brucellosis and salmonellosis 899 blood samples were collected. from all tested sera 411 (45.7%) were positive to brucella melitensis antigen and only 10 (1.11%) to salmonella abortus ovis antigens. bacteriological examination were done with 50 lambs, 143 aborted foetuses and 46 vaginal swabs. brucella melitensis was stated in 7.6% i ...19817301632
an epidemiological study on ovine babesiosis in the mashhad suburb area, province of khorasan, iran.the prevalence of babesia spp. infection was studied in sheep of the mashhad area in iran from 1998 to 2000. a total of 677 sheep originating from 115 flocks were clinically examined and investigated for the presence of babesia spp. in appropriate blood smears and any tick species on the body of the animals. the study revealed that the infection rate for babesia ovis and babesia motasi were 167 (24.6%) and 4 (0.5%), respectively. double (mixed) infections occurred in 21 (3%) sheep. differences i ...200212208039
prevalence of theileria spp. infection in sheep in south khorasan province, iran.the prevalence of theileria spp. infection was studied in sheep in the south khorasan province in iran from 2003 to 2004. a total of 840 sheep from 34 flocks were clinically examined and investigated for the presence of theileria spp. in the appropriate blood smears and any tick species on the body of the animals. in this study, 11.9% of sheep were infected with theileria spp., with a parasitemia of 0.02-0.1%. differences in the infection rates were statistically significant among different area ...200616730905
an epidemiological study on anaplasma infection in cattle, sheep, and goats in mashhad suburb, khorasan province, iran.the prevalence of anaplasma infection was studied in cattle, sheep, and goats in the mashhad area from 1999 to 2002. a total of 160 cattle from 32 farms and 391 sheep and 385 goats from 77 flocks were clinically examined for the presence of anaplasma spp. in blood smears. the study revealed that 19.37% of cattle were infected with anaplasma marginale and 80.3% of sheep and 38.92% of goats were infected with anaplasma ovis. prevalence of anaplasma infection between male and female and between dif ...200617114758
genetic variability and population structure in beta-lactoglobulin, calpastain and calpain loci in iranian kurdi sheep.the genotypes for beta-lactoglobulin (blg) and calpastatin (cast) were determined by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) and restriction enzyme digestion and genotyped for calpain (capn) by pcr-sscp method in an iranian breed sheep, kurdi. blood samples were collected from 100 pure bred kurdi sheep from kurdi breeding station located in shirvan, mashhad. the extraction of genomic dna was based on guanidin thiocyanate-silica gel method. after pcr reaction, amplicons were digested with restriction enz ...200719070051
microsatellite variation in one breed of iranian sheep with 12 markers.polymorphic loci, genetic parameters (polymorphic information content, heterozygosity, shannon index, the number of actual alleles, the number of effective alleles) and genetic variation within balouchi sheep population located in abbasabad station of mashad, was assessed using 12 microsatellite markers. the polymerase chain reaction (pcr) reactions were successfully done with all primers except for oarhh62 and oarae64, one locus (cssm059) was monomorph, whereas the other 9 loci containing cssm0 ...200719093511
a serological study and subsequent isolation of toxoplasma gondii from aborted ovine fetuses in mashhad area, iran.toxoplasmosis is an important cause of abortion and stillbirth in sheep on a worldwide basis. in the present study, the role of toxoplasma gondii in inducing abortion in sheep of the mashhad area of iran was addressed using serological and parasitological methods. in total, 325 aborted ovine fetuses were collected between 2006 and 2008 during lambing season. thoracic and abdominal fluids of aborted fetus were serologically investigated with a t. gondii -ifat. antibody titers equal to or greater ...201020476807
an abattoir-based study on the prevalence of hydatidosis in livestock in mashhad, iran.a 6-year (2004-2010) retrospective study was carried out to determine the prevalence of hydatidosis in livestock slaughtered in mashhad abattoir, mashhad, in north-eastern iran and the capital of khorasan province. between 20 march 2004 and 19 march 2010, 5,131,485 animals (411,163 cattle; 4,547,618 sheep; 172,704 goats) were slaughtered in the study area and 388,399 (7.5%) livers and 1,139,529 (22.2%) lungs were discarded. hydatidosis was responsible for 4% and 6.5% of total livers and lungs in ...201121729380
pattern of animal-related injuries in iran.animal related injuries as most common causes of human morbidity have different pattern by geographical zones. we aimed to explore the main descriptive epidemiology of animal-related injuries in both rural and urban areas in iran. between 2000 and 2004, we collected the data of all the cases of animal related trauma hospitalized for more than 24 hours in eight cities (tehran, mashhad, ahwaz, shiraz, tabriz, qom, kermanshah, and babol). further evaluations were conducted on 17753 eligible subject ...201121681704
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