the effects of farming system and season on the prevalence of lameness in sheep in northwest determine the prevalence of lameness in sheep in urmia, northwest iran, and compare the effects of production system and season on prevalence.201122040337
identification of different theileria species (theileria lestoquardi, theileria ovis, and theileria annulata) in naturally infected sheep using nested pcr-rflp.ovine theileriosis is an important hemoprotozoal disease of sheep and goats in tropical and subtropical regions that leads to economic losses in these animals. a nested pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) was carried out to identification theileria species in sheep in some area in western half of iran (sari, rasht, urmia, ilam, and ahvaz). two hundred and fifty blood samples were taken from sheep during tick activating season (summer of 2008). microscopic examination revealed tha ...201020978792
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