laboratory characteristics of four strains of goatpox virus.significant differences were found between four strains of goatpox virus isolated from goats in egypt, iraq, iran and the u.s.s.r., namely in their growth behaviour in embryonated eggs, ceiling temperature, plaque characteristics in cell culture, heat resistance and in the degree of inhibition of their replication by actinomycin d and bromodeoxyuridine. all the strains studied had morphologically similar virions and induced type a v- inclusions. they were uncapable to produce haemagglutinins in ...197994766
a survey of gastro-intestinal helminth parasites of sheep in iraq. 19724671470
anthropology. age, sex, and old goats. 200010744540
genetic diversity of populations of old world screwworm fly, chrysomya bezziana, causing traumatic myiasis of livestock in the gulf region and implications for control by sterile insect larvae were collected from 181 cases of traumatic myiasis in livestock in 10 regions of four countries in the middle east gulf region: iran, iraq, saudi arabia and oman. the predominant fly species responsible for cases was the old world screwworm (ows) fly, chrysomya bezziana villeneuve (diptera: calliphoridae). in cases from iran and oman, which included non-ows fly species, ows fly was found solely responsible for 67.6% of cases and jointly with other fly species for a further 12.7% of ca ...200919335830
risk factors for human brucellosis in iran: a case-control study.brucellosis is a zoonotic disease of worldwide distribution. despite its control in many countries, it remains endemic in iran. the aim of this study was to determine the risk factors for brucellosis acquisition in the central province of iran.200817698385
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