a case of ophthalmomyiasis in man by oestrus ovis linneaeus in tehran (insecta: diptera, oestridae).five first-stage-larvae were removed by soft and pointed blotting-paper from the left eye of a woman and they were identified as oestrus ovis. she was infected in tehran and this is the first true case of ophthalmomyiasis due to sheep nasal bot fly in iran. reports indicate that case of ophthalmomyiasis are more frequent in iranian villages with different degree of severity. methods for prevention and treatments are also discussed.1977614770
varied prevalence of borna disease virus infection in arabic, thoroughbred and their cross-bred horses in iran.borna disease virus (bdv) naturally infects horses and sheep and induces progressive poliomeningoencephalomyelitis. here, bdv recombinant proteins of the first open reading frame (orf-i; coding for p40 nucleoprotein) and the second orf-ii (coding for p24 polymerase cofactor) were immunoblotted with plasma derived from 72 healthy (28 arabic, 17 thoroughbred and 27 cross-bred) race horses at tehran in iran to detect anti-bdv antibodies. in addition, their peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmcs) ...19968896237
indication of the presence of two distinct strains of echinococcus granulosus in iran by mitochondrial dna markers.sixteen isolates of echinococcus granulosus, collected from iranian patients at surgery, and from domestic animals, including sheep, goats, cattle, and camels at slaughterhouses in tehran and central and southern iran were analyzed for dna nucleotide and predicted amino acid sequence variation within regions of the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase i (coi) and nadh dehydrogenase subunit i (ndi) genes. a polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism method, based on the dna ...19989684648
isolation and molecular characterization of toxoplasma gondii strains from different hosts in iran.toxoplasma gondii is one of the most prevalent protozoan parasites in iran. this study was aimed to isolate t. gondii from a variety of hosts and to genetically analyze the parasite isolates. the prevalence of t. gondii in different animal hosts was assessed in two provinces of iran, tehran and mazandaran in the central and northern parts, respectively. the latex agglutination (la) test was carried out, and antibodies were found in 24 out of 105 sheep, 5 out of 35 goats, 23 out of 45 free-rangin ...200717333278
isolation and drug-resistant patterns of campylobacter strains cultured from diarrheic children in detect campylobacteriosis and determine the drug susceptibility of causative organisms, we acquired 500 diarrheic samples in cary-blair transfer medium from two pediatric hospitals in tehran between october 2004 and october 2005. the samples were also enriched in preston broth (with supplements) and defibrinated sheep blood (7%). they were plated from both media on brucella agar containing antibiotics and blood. isolates were identified through biochemical tests and by the polymerase chain re ...200717642538
seroprevalence of neospora caninum infection in dogs from rural and urban environments in tehran, iran.103 serum samples were taken from owned dogs in tehran (53 urban dogs and 50 farm dogs) from february to may 2005 and tested for igg antibody against neospora caninum using the immunofluorescence antibody test. urban dogs were selected from apparent healthy dogs referred to the small animal hospital of faculty of veterinary medicine, university of tehran, for routine operation, and the farm dogs were selected from the sheepdogs in sheep flocks around tehran randomly. the titer of 1:50 was select ...200717687566
hydatid disease in iranian children.hydatidosis is a major public health problem that can cause significant morbidity and mortality; however, it is possible to control and even eradicate the disease. this study was carried out to investigate pediatric hydatidosis in iran.200717932603
some observations on sheep sarcoptic mange in tehran province, iran.sarcoptes scabiei infestation was diagnosed in 278 sheep from 12 fatling flocks. the sheep presented crusted skin lesions initially appear on the lips or nostrils, the lesion on nostrils also extend towards around the eyes, the supraorbital fossae and in some cases over entire face. the infested male lambs by mating behavior in fatling flocks caused transmitting the infection to fat tail area and scrotum. histopathological study of lesions demonstrated marked acanthosis, hyperkeratosis, parakera ...200918626781
the chehr abad "salt men" and the isotopic ecology of humans in ancient iran.we have carried out isotopic analysis (δ(13)c and δ(15)n) on five salt-preserved bodies from the salt mine at chehr abad, iran, dating from the 4th c. bc through to the 4th c. ad. in an attempt to identify the geographical origins of these people, we have analyzed over a hundred archeological bone samples from various archeological sites in iran. from the faunal remains, we observe that the entire ecosystem appears to be enriched in (15)n, which we suggest is due to the semi-arid nature of the r ...201020949607
genetic analysis of growth rate and kleiber ratio in zandi sheep.genetic parameters for average daily gain from birth to weaning (adga), birth to 6 months (adgb), weaning to 6 months (adgc), weaning to yearling age (adgd), and corresponding kleiber ratios (kra, krb, krc, and krd) were estimated by using records of 3,533 zandi lambs, descendent of 163 sires and 1265 dams, born between 1991 and 2005 at the zandi sheep breeding station at khojir national park, tehran, iran. a derivative-free algorithm combined with a series of six single-trait linear animal mode ...201121465106
pattern of animal-related injuries in iran.animal related injuries as most common causes of human morbidity have different pattern by geographical zones. we aimed to explore the main descriptive epidemiology of animal-related injuries in both rural and urban areas in iran. between 2000 and 2004, we collected the data of all the cases of animal related trauma hospitalized for more than 24 hours in eight cities (tehran, mashhad, ahwaz, shiraz, tabriz, qom, kermanshah, and babol). further evaluations were conducted on 17753 eligible subject ...201121681704
identification of latent neosporosis in sheep in tehran, iran by polymerase chain reaction using primers specific for the <i>nc-5</i> gene.little is known about latent infection and molecular characterisation of neospora caninum in sheep (ovis aries). in this study, 330 sheep samples (180 hearts and 150 brains) were analysed for n. caninum dna by nested polymerase chain reaction (pcr) targeting the nc-5 gene. neospora caninum dna was detected in 3.9% (13/330) of sheep samples. the parasite's dna was detected in 6.7% of heart samples (12/180) and 0.7% (1/150) of brain samples. no clinical signs were recorded from infected or uninfec ...201627543149
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