childhood brucellosis in southwestern saudi arabia: a 5-year children admitted with brucellosis at abha, saudi arabia, were studied prospectively. ninety-two per cent gave a history of animal contact, usually with sheep or goats, or ingesting raw milk, milk products, or raw liver. three-quarters of the patients had an acute or subacute presentation with diverse symptomatology: fever (100 per cent), malaise (91 per cent), anorexia (68 per cent), cough (20 per cent), abdominal symptoms (20 per cent), arthralgia (25 per cent). hep ...19921527811
altitude and bronchial asthma in south-western saudi arabia.through a house-to-house survey, 1325 people aged 11+ years registered at 2 primary health care centres (1 at high altitude and 1 at sea level) in asir region, saudi arabia, were interviewed and examined for weight, height and peak expiratory flow rate. the prevalence of bronchial asthma at sea level (19.5%) was significantly higher than at high altitude (6.9%). illiteracy, low income, use of coal and wood for heating, having a mud or tent house, lack of electricity inside dwellings and presence ...200818557448
hepatic and renal toxicity among patients ingesting sheep bile as an unconventional remedy for diabetes mellitus--saudi arabia, 1995.a recent report of acute hepatic and renal toxicity associated with drinking bile from fish (grass carp) alerted epidemiologists in saudi arabia to the possibility of similar risks associated with an existing practice of drinking sheep bile. to assess the prevalence and adverse effects of this practice, in 1995 the field epidemiology training program of the ministry of health of saudi arabia initiated an investigation in al-wadein village (1995 population: 5640) in the asir region of saudi arabi ...19968927020
parasites of livestock in asir province, southwestern saudi arabia.thirteen parasite species, three trematodes, five cestodes, one nematode, and four arthropods, have been reported in livestock in asir, southwestern saudi arabia. the occurrence of dicrocoelium dendriticum in imported sheep and paramphistomum cervi in indigenous cattle is recorded for the first time in saudi arabia.19902267729
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