hepatic fascioliasis in the abattoirs of basrah.hepatic fascioliasis due to fasciola gigantica among slaughtered animals was studied at the basrah abattoirs from october 1984 to september 1985. the infection rates were 4.8, 3.3, 0.72 and 0.13% for buffaloes, cattle, sheep and goats respectively. the approximate annual loss due to condemnation of infected livers is estimated as 29,855 iraqi dinars.19873446027
ticks (ixodoidea) of domestic animals in iraq. 3. autumn infestations in the liwas of kut, amara and basra; winter and summer infestations in the liwa of baghdad. 19685690608
cryptosporidiosis among animal handlers and their livestock in basrah, investigate the prevalence of cryptosporidiosis among groups at risk (animal handlers) and among domestic animals.200212635763
pathological abnormalities of the reproductive tracts of ewes in basra, iraq. 201020154313
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