candida tropicalis infections in children with leukemia.the candida species account for approximately three-fourths of fungal infections in patients with cancer. although candida albicans is the most frequent cause, c. tropicalis is increasingly implicated as an important pathogen. over a 12 year period 19 children treated for leukemia at our institution developed c. tropicalis infections. we describe their clinical presentation, extent of fungal infection, treatment, and outcome. fungemia without meningitis in 11 children was treated successfully, w ...19938220136
delayed hypersensitivity skin testing for assessing anergy in the mid-south.although skin testing with ubiquitous antigens is widely employed to assess delayed hypersensitivity, little is known about the effect of geographic location on the frequency of skin test reactions to given antigens. to assess skin test reactivity in the mid-south, 82 hospitalized patients and 68 normal controls had skin tests with six antigens: histoplasmin, mumps, tuberculin purified protein derivative (ppd), candida, trichophyton, and streptokinase-streptodornase. ninety-five percent of norma ...19761265500
cerebral and renal candidosis in a llama (lama glama). 200818408199
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