significance of the tuberculin test in the elderly.nine hundred thirty-three persons over 65 years of age, residing in long-term or extended-care facilities in vancouver, canada, had tuberculin tests. in addition to ppd-tuberculin, 5 tu and 250 tu, we used ppd-battey, candida albicans, mumps, and trichophyton antigens. twenty-five percent reacted to 5 tu of tuberculin with reactions of 10 mm or more. there was a progressive, substantial loss of reactivity with advancing age. reactions to ppd-battey greater than to ppd-t 5 tu were infrequent, sug ...19873111795
carrier herbal medicine: an evaluation of the antimicrobial and anticancer activity in some frequently used remedies.the antimicrobial properties of some traditional carrier herbal preparations were evaluated using an agar dilution method. pitch preparations were screened against known human pathogens: escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, candida albicans and aspergillus fumigatus. the results indicated definite antimicrobial activity in the pitch preparations of picea glauca and pinus contorta and provide a starting point for pharmacognostic evaluation of these species. in addition ...19968771456
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