dermatophytes and other fungi associated with skin mycoses in tripoli, libya.this study sought to determine the prevalence of skin infections and their causative agents in the libyan population. samples were collected from 2224 patients attending the dermatology clinics of the tripoli medical centre (tmc) between august 1997 and december 1999 and were submitted to a mycology laboratory for analysis. diagnosis was confirmed by microscopic examination in 1180 cases (53.1%) and the causative agent was isolated and cultured in 1160 cases (52.2%). dermatophytes, malassezia fu ...200212000510
long term formalin preserved stool specimens for detection of intestinal parasites from school aged children in tripoli, libya.a total of 949 single stool samples were collected from school aged children (5-14 years old) in the city of tripoli. the samples were preserved in 10% formalin and examined by routine microscopy using normal saline and lugol's iodine preparations as well as the formol ethyl concentration method after a storage period of twelve months at room temperature. of 949 samples examined 4.5% were positive. giardia lamblia and entamoeba coli were the only protozoan parasites identified with an infection ...200718383804
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