prevalence of campylobacter jejuni in eggs and poultry meat in new york state.the presence of campylobacter jejuni was tested for but not isolated from any of 276 eggs sampled from 23 egg farms in new york state. the presence of c. jejuni was evaluated in broilers, kosher broilers, spent layers, peking ducks, and turkeys. four of five poultry dressing plants tested showed positive growth of c. jejuni on the 25-carcass samples at various stages of processing. twenty to 100% of live birds sampled contained c. jejuni on the skin but 90 to 100% were contaminated after scaldin ...19873447135
vibrio fetus infection in man. i. ten new cases and some epidemiologic observations. 19705421893
campylobacter fetus jejuni enteritis; in new york city. 19816938818
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