spirochetemia caused by borrelia turicatae infection in 3 dogs in texas.spirochetemia was diagnosed in 2 siberian huskies and a rottweiler from the northwestern region of texas between june 1999 and october 2001. clinical findings were nonspecific; tick exposure was documented in 2 of the dogs. hematologic abnormalities included anemia (n=2), neutrophilia (n=2, including 1 with a left shift), lymphopenia (n=3), eosinopenia (n=3), and thrombocytopenia (n=2). one anemic dog had a positive coombs' test. in 1 dog, western blot analysis of serum yielded multiple positive ...200717523100
parasites and vector-borne pathogens of southern plains woodrats (neotoma micropus) from southern texas.from 2008 to 2010, southern plains woodrats (neotoma micropus) from southern texas, were examined for parasites and selected pathogens. eight helminth species were recovered from 97 woodrats including, trichuris neotomae from 78 (prevalence = 80%), ascarops sp. from 42 (43%), nematodirus neotoma from 31 (32%), raillietina sp. from nine (9%), taenia taeniaeformis larvae from eight (8%), and an unidentified spiurid, a scaphiostomum sp. and a zonorchis sp. each from a single woodrat. besnotia neoto ...201122108764
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