[receptivity of some helicids frequent in morocco to the infestation by the larvae of protostongylids. factors of variation (author's transl)].several species of helicids common on pasture in the rabat area were infected by a plurispecific mixture of larvae of protostrongylids. the fecal or pulmonary origin of the larvae does not seem to influence their infective ability. the age of the larvae used for infection displays an important role on the future degree of infection of molluscs: the young larvae are more infestive. the helicids that were most receptive to infection are, arranged in a decreasing order: otala lactea, cochlicella co ...1979533113
epidemiological aspects of lungworm infections of goats in morocco.the results of a survey of lungworm infections in goats in the middle atlas and rabat areas in morocco during 1990-1992 are reported. five species were recorded: dictyocaulus filaria, protostrongylus rufescens, cystocaulus ocreatus, muellerius capillaris and neostrongylus linearis. the parasitological profile of protostrongylid species was represented by muellerius (69-78%), protostrongylus (16-25%) and cystocaulus (5-6%) in the rabat and middle atlas areas. neostrongylus was virtually non-exist ...19968750686
assessment of the severity of natural infections of kids and adult goats by small lungworms (protostrongylidae, nematoda) using macroscopic lesion scores.assessment of the severity of natural infections of kids and adult goats by small lungworms using macroscopic lesion scores was carried out on 476 lungs originating from the rabat area of morocco. the prevalence of infection was 98% in kids and 100% in adult goats. the diaphragmatic lobes were the preferential site for protostrongylids. the average number of nodules (mostly muellerius capillaris) and lobular lesions (mostly protostrongylus rufescens and cystocaulus ocreatus) was 174 and 9 per pa ...19979112736
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