trends of brucellosis in florida. an epidemiologic review.human brucellosis in florida is documented for the 47-year period 1928-1975. of the 936 cases reported in 1930-1975, more than half (505) occurred in the decade 1940-1949. the incidence declined rapidly to an average rate of five cases per year, although there was an increase in 1974 and 1975. the analysis is mainly concerned with the years 1961-1975, since more complete epidemiologic data are available for this period. cases occurred throughout the year, with the highest incidence being between ...1977403760
a preliminary report on the efficacy of adult cattle vaccination using strain 19 in selected dairy herds in florida. 1976830041
in vitro susceptibility of selected isolates of brucella abortus to penicillin.brucella abortus isolates (n = 134) from 38 dairy herds in vermont, florida, and canada exhibited 2 growth patterns on medium containing 5 u of penicillin/ml. the b abortus isolates from 7 herds in vermont were always susceptible to the antibiotic at that concentration. eleven of 12 isolates from 1 herd in florida and 25 isolates (biotypes 1 and 4) from 30 canadian herds grew at greater than or equal to 5 u of penicillin/ml, as determined using a gradient plate method. penicillin susceptibility ...19826803623
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