[brucella clearance as a sensitive method for the detection of cross reactions of brucella abortus with yersinia enterocolitica 03, 06, 09 and salmonella urbana and salmonella abony].determination of the brucella clearance rate has proved to enable assessment of brucella immune reaction in rat, even after vaccination with yersiniae and salmonellae. vaccination with yersinia (y.) enterocolitica o6 and o9 produced 95 per cent of "high responders", whereas 65 per cent of "high responders" and 25 per cent of "non-responders" were recorded in the wake of o3. salmonella (s.) urbana vaccination gave 50 per cent of "high responders" and 27 per cent of "non-responders", while 100 per ...19892774825
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