[studies on the zoonoses in hokkaido, japan. 6. experimental human echinostomiasis].etiological analysis and parasitological examinations of human echinostomiasis were investigated. the four volunteers (case a, b, c and d) were orally administrated metacercariae harvested from the fresh water snails (lymnaea japonica) experimentally infected with echinostoma hortense eggs. numbers of metacercariae administrated were 20 for cases a and b, 30 for case c and 50 for case d. prepatent periods of four cases were 14 days (case d) and 17 days (cases a,b and c) after administrations. pa ...19846530210
[studies on the zoonoses in hokkaido, japan. 8. the prevalence of metacercariae of echinostoma hortense asada, 1926 in loaches].two species of loaches, misgurus anguillicaudatus and burbatula toni were collected from 28 localities of hokkaido to detect trematode metacercariae. among 829 m. anguillicaudatus, 577 (69.6%) were found to be infected with metacercariae, while 9 (1.6%) out of 549 b. toni were infected with metacercariae. adult flukes were recovered from the intestine of mice and rats or dogs orally administered with metacercariae. based on the morphological examination of adult specimens, echinostoma hortense w ...19873443431
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