campylobacter upsaliensis: another pathogen for consideration in the united states.while evaluating quinolone resistance in a sample of campylobacter isolates recovered from patients with campylobacteriosis in los angeles county, california, in 1998, we discovered that the second most frequently isolated species was campylobacter upsaliensis (6 [4%] of 155 isolates). the ability of laboratories to recover this species may be dependent on the culture conditions and the media used. three dogs living in the households of 2 of these 6 patients had c. upsaliensis isolated in their ...200212015708
campylobacter insulaenigrae isolates from northern elephant seals (mirounga angustirostris) in california.there are only two reports in the literature demonstrating the presence of campylobacter spp. in marine mammals. one report describes the isolation of a new species, campylobacter insulaenigrae sp. nov., from three harbor seals (phoca vitulina) and a harbor porpoise (phocoena phocoena) in scotland, and the other describes the isolation of campylobacter jejuni, campylobacter lari, and an unknown campylobacter species from northern elephant seals (mirounga angustirostris) in california. in this st ...200717259365
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