eimeria caprovina sp. n. from the domestic goat, capra hircus, from the usa.oocysts of eimeria caprovina sp. n. from the domestic goat, capra hircus, are ellipsoidal, subspherical or slightly ovoid, usually flattened at the micropylar end. they measure 29.7 (26-36) x 23.7 (23-28) micron. the sporocysts are elongate ovoids, measuring 14.3 (13.7) x 8.3 (8-9) micron, with stieda bodies at the narrow ends. the oocyst wall is 1.6 micron thick, smooth, dark-brown to brownish-yellow, and 2-layered. a micropyle, 6.2 (4-10) micron in diameter, polar granule, and sporocyst residu ...19807400993
natural and experimental infection of white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) from the united states with an ehrlichia sp. closely related to ehrlichia ehrlichia sp. (panola mountain [pm] ehrlichia sp.) closely related to ehrlichia ruminantium was recently detected in a domestic goat experimentally infested with lone star ticks (lsts, amblyomma americanum) collected from georgia, usa. the infected goat exhibited pyrexia and mild clinical pathologic abnormalities consistent with ehrlichiosis. at least two other ehrlichia species (ehrlichia chaffeensis and ehrlichia ewingii) are maintained in nature by a cycle involving lsts as the primary vec ...200818436670
epidemiologic evaluation of encephalitic listeriosis in evaluate host and environmental factors associated with the development of encephalitic listeriosis in goats.19968641953
immunoassays to study prevalence of antibody against gb virus c in blood donors.immunoassays were developed to determine the seroprevalence of antibody against human gb virus c (gbv-c). the antigenic target in each assay was a 44.6-kda glycosylated protein representing the first 315 amino acids encoded by the gbv-c e2 gene. sera or plasma were assayed for e2 antibody using an anti-human eia format in which antigen-coated polystyrene beads were reacted with sample, and bound antibody was detected by addition of enzyme labelled goat anti-human igg. the presence of anti-e2 ant ...19979395139
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