serological observations on the epidemiology of bluetongue virus infections in the caribbean and florida.serological surveys of cattle, sheep and goats have confirmed that infection with bluetongue virus (btv) is common in florida, puerto rico and st. croix in the usa, in the caribbean countries of jamaica, st. kitts/nevis, antigua, st. lucia, barbados, grenada, trinidad and tobago, and the bahamas, and in the south american countries of guyana and suriname. in most countries, over 50% of ruminant livestock have antibody to btv as assessed by the bluetongue immunodiffusion (btid) test. a sentinel a ...19852989905
status and prospects of the dairy goat industry in the united states.among the major classes of u.s. livestock, dairy goats have yet to achieve usda statistical reporting of their numbers, amounts of milk produced and processed, and cheese and other products marketed. however, the usda has published buck proofs of approximately 16,000 does annually from dairy herd improvement association (dhia) records of the alpine, lamancha, nubian, oberhasli, saanen and toggenburg breeds, thereby encouraging genetic progress. this represents a 1% participation in dhia of the e ...19968726751
introduction of potential heartwater vectors and other exotic ticks into florida on imported reptiles.following the discovery of establishment of the african tortoise tick amblyomma marmoreum in florida, the present study was undertaken to determine the extent of introduction of exotic ticks into florida on imported reptiles. exotic ticks were identified on 29 (91%) of 32 reptile premises in 18 counties of florida. the ticks, found on a variety of imported tortoises, snakes, and monitor lizards, belonged to 4 amblyomma species (a. marmoreum, amblyomma nuttalli, amblyomma sabanerae, and amblyomma ...200010958443
rabies surveillance in the united states during 2004.during 2004, 49 states and puerto rico reported 6,836 cases of rabies in nonhuman animals and 8 cases in human beings to the cdc, representing a 4.6% decrease from the 7,170 cases in nonhuman animals and 3 cases in human beings reported in 2003. approximately 92% of the cases were in wildlife, and 8% were in domestic animals (compared with 91% and 9%, respectively, in 2003). relative contributions by the major animal groups were as follows: 2,564 raccoons (37.5%), 1,856 skunks (27.1%), 1,361 bat ...200516379626
accuracy of the famacha system for on-farm use by sheep and goat producers in the southeastern united states.famacha is a practical on-farm system designed to provide small ruminant producers a tool for improving their management of haemonchus contortus infections. although this system has become very popular and widely accepted by small ruminant producers in many regions of the southern united states, there is very limited data reported on the effectiveness of the famacha system when performed by farmers. the objective of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of the famacha system for on-farm use by ...200717482368
identification of sperm subpopulations with defined motility characteristics in ejaculates from florida goats.the aims of this study were to test the presence of discrete sperm subpopulations in florida goat ejaculates using a computer-assisted sperm analysis (casa) system and to establish the relationship between the distribution of the subpopulations found and individual buck, total motility, and sperm concentration. clustering methods and discriminant analysis were applied to identify motile sperm subpopulations within the semen samples. principal component analysis revealed that three principal comp ...201020673991
outbreak of shiga toxin-producing escherichia coli o157 infection associated with a day camp petting zoo--pinellas county, florida, may-june 2007.on june 7, 2007, the pinellas county health department in central florida was notified by a private physician regarding a positive laboratory result for shiga toxin-producing escherichia coli o157 (stec o157) infection in a child aged 9 years. initial interviews revealed the child had attended a week-long session at a day camp and had come into contact with animals in the camp's petting zoo. on june 8, an investigation was begun by the pinellas county health department; the same day, the petting ...200919407735
validation of the famacha eye color chart for detecting clinical anemia in sheep and goats on farms in the southern united states.recent studies on sheep and goat farms in the southern united states indicate that multiple-anthelmintic resistance in haemonchus contortus is becoming a severe problem. though many factors are involved in the evolution of resistance, the proportion of the parasite population under drug selection is believed to be the single most important factor influencing how rapidly resistance develops. therefore, where prevention of resistance is an important parallel goal of worm control, it is recommended ...200415265575
petting zoos. 200616719427
tinea versicolor dermatomycosis in the goat. 19846735879
ear mites from domestic goats in florida.ear canals of 284 domestic goats from florida were examined via swabbing for the presence of ear mites; 57% were infested with psoroptes cuniculi. raillietia caprae was recovered from 2 goats in one herd. breeds examined were nubian, alpine, saanen, toggenburg, la mancha, spanish/woods and pygmy. goats with dependent ear types were infested more commonly than those with erect ears; no goats with vestigial ears were found to harbor mites. goats less than 1 year old had a significantly higher mite ...19883168659
an enzyme immunoassay for the detection of florida red tide brevetoxins.a non-competitive solid-phase enzyme immunoassay for detection of brevetoxins in various matrices has been developed. the assay utilizes antibodies raised in a goat against brevetoxin pbtx-3-keyhole limpet hemocyanin conjugates with specific purification of brevetoxin antibodies through protein g and brevetoxin affinity columns, and rabbit anti-goat antibodies covalently linked to horseradish peroxidase. the assay was used specifically to detect brevetoxins in both cell culture and contaminated ...19911814015
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