status and prospects of the dairy goat industry in the united states.among the major classes of u.s. livestock, dairy goats have yet to achieve usda statistical reporting of their numbers, amounts of milk produced and processed, and cheese and other products marketed. however, the usda has published buck proofs of approximately 16,000 does annually from dairy herd improvement association (dhia) records of the alpine, lamancha, nubian, oberhasli, saanen and toggenburg breeds, thereby encouraging genetic progress. this represents a 1% participation in dhia of the e ...19968726751
serologic evidence of jamestown canyon and keystone virus infection in vertebrates of the delmarva peninsula.serological data accumulated during the past decade indicated that a variety of feral and domestic animals of the delaware-maryland-virginia (delmarva) peninsula were infected with jamestown canyon (jc) and/or keystone (key) viruses (bunyaviridae, california serogroup). neutralizing (n) antibody to jc virus was most prevalent in white-tailed deer, sika deer, cottontail rabbits and horses. key virus n antibody was detected most frequently in gray squirrels and domestic goats. n antibody indicativ ...19827149110
absence of la crosse virus in the presence of aedes triseriatus on the delmarva peninsula.between 1980 and 1984, field studies were conducted in 2 areas on the delmarva peninsula to identify the presence of la crosse (lac) virus. ovitraps were used to collect eggs of aedes triseriatus complex mosquitoes. no virus was obtained from 969 pools containing 22,370 adult mosquitoes reared from eggs. only 1 of 143 raccoon serum samples had neutralizing antibody to lac virus; 36 sentinel domestic goats, and 99 other wild mammal serum samples were negative. the apparent absence of lac virus ma ...19863507467
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