estimation of the growth patterns of oestrus ovis l. larvae hosted by goats in baja california sur, estimate parameters for the variation in larval weight and dimension in oestrus ovis l. and to describe the approximate pattern of growth, 2041 larvae were collected from 431 slaughtered goats and classified on a scale of 12 identified physiological ages, according to spiracular and integumental pigmentation. larval live weight and measures of length, width, and thickness at the seventh segment were obtained. weight increased from 0.23 mg in l1 larvae to 49 mg in late l2 larvae; however, the ...199910496696
risk factors for brucellosis seropositivity of goat herds in the mexicali valley of baja california, mexico.a case-control study was conducted in the mexicali valley to identify risk factors for goat-herd seropositivity for brucella melitensis. nineteen case herds (> or = 2 positive results with the 8% rose bengal plate test (rbt)) and 55 control herds (zero positive results in rbt), matched for herdsize and geographic location, were enrolled. conditional logistic regression was used to construct a multivariable model of the odds of seropositivity using variables assessed in a questionnaire administer ...19989879591
epidemiology of bovine brucellosis in the mexicali valley, mexico: data gathering and survey for path analysis on the epidemiology of bovine brucellosis were gathered from 184 premises in mexicali valley, mexico, that had dairy cattle, swine, and/or goats. each farmer manager or owner was interviewed, using a pretested set of questions, and the livestock on the premises were serotested for brucella antibodies. the focus in gathering these data was to identify the characteristics of premises with seropositive cattle in comparison with characteristics of premises with no seropositive ...19846433755
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