feeding preferences of triatoma dimidiata maculipennis in yucatan, determine whether a low preference for human blood by triatoma dimidiata maculipennis stal, 1859, the only known vector of chagas' disease in yucatan, mexico, would account for the low prevalence of antibodies to trypanosoma cruzi in man in the area, the intestinal contents of 924 bugs were tested against antisera to blood antigens of chicken, opossum, dog, bat, monkey, pig, goat, rabbit, horse, human, rat, ox, cat, and armadillo. although the chicken was the primary host, man was fed upon fr ...1977320892
comparing different formulae to test for gastrointestinal nematode resistance to benzimidazoles in smallholder goat farms in mexico.the objective was to examine the coincidence in the prevalence of benzimidazole (bz) resistance in smallholder goat herds, as determined by three average-based and two individually-based faecal egg count reduction (fecr) tests. nineteen smallholder goat herds with more than 30 animals were selected from 84 herds in yucatan. animals shedding 150 eggs/g of faeces (epg) on day zero were randomly divided into two groups. the control group did not receive treatment and the treated group received fenb ...200516111815
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