[diet as a risk factor for coronary atherosclerosis in a rural area of argentinian patagonia. comparison with the urban zone of viedma].to determine risk factors, a clinical, cardiologic, biochemical and nutritional study was carried out. a sample of the rural population of comi-co (n = 92), which included descendants of mapuche indians, was compared with a sample of the urban population of viedma (n = 94). sheep, goat and horse meat from the rural district was analyzed. in horse meat, intramuscular fat was 1.16 g%, with 34.5% of polyunsaturated fatty acids including linolenic (18:3 w3) 11.9%, linoleic (18:2 w6) 21.0%. the diet ...19938246733
an outbreak of enterotoxaemia caused by clostridium perfringens type d in goats in patagonia.forty-four of a flock of 117 angora goats in the rio negro province of argentina died within four days. most of the animals died shortly after the onset of clinical signs, but in a few the clinical course lasted for several days. post mortem the small and large intestines were filled with watery contents, blood and fibrin clots, and there were numerous ulcers on the mucosa. small areas of malacia were observed histologically in the brain. clostridium perfringens type d in pure culture was isolat ...19947817506
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