seroprevalence of toxoplasma gondii in goats from arid zones of venezuela.a total of 438 sera were collected from dairy goats on 10 farms located around aregue village, lara state, venezuela and evaluated for toxoplasma gondii antibodies using the indirect hemagglutination assay. antibodies to t. gondii were found in 26 of 386 > or =4-yr-old does from 8 of 10 farms; antibody titers were 1:64 (10 does), 1: 256 (3 does), 1:512 (5 does), 1:1,024 (1 doe), and 1:4,096 (7 does). antibodies were not found in 52 <12-mo-old goats.19989488366
[an entomological and seroepidemiological study of chagas' disease in an area in central-western venezuela infested with triatoma maculata (erichson 1848)].this article presents a study on seroepidemiological, entomologic, and risk factors for domiciliary infestation in a circumscribed area infested with triatoma maculata in parroquia xaguas, urdaneta municipality, lara state, venezuela. one hundred and forty households, 509 persons, and 110 dogs were sampled. serum anti-trypanosoma cruzi antibodies were determined by means of elisa and maba techniques using recombinant antigens. tr. cruzi infection in the triatomines was determined by direct micro ...200818949234
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